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-HMC Update-

Hello to you all and hope you are keeping well in these challenging times.

I’ve put off sending out an update until I had a clearer idea of what will happen at HMC going forward.

However, as we approach the end of the academic year I feel I should say a few words about where we are currently...

I have spend the last couple of months working on various reopening ideas, making sure that we comply with the latest Government advice and the NYCC risk assessment that was sent out to all educational establishments in the region. I am pleased to say that my proposals have been given the green light by the NYCC Health & Safety board.

Having said that we are still awaiting the specific music guidance from the DfE, especially in regard to Wind/Brass instruments as well as vocal groups. This guidance will hopefully give us a clearer idea of what we will be able to offer in the short term.

Obviously I would love to able to welcome everyone back to HMC in September but if that isn’t possible, we are looking at the feasibility of a limited reopening, focusing on smaller groups or those instruments not considered to be of a higher risk. I know the uncertainty is frustrating, and hope to give you clearer more positive news very soon.

I look forward to being able to welcome you all back to HMC. In the meantime, stay safe and keep making music! 🎶 🎵

Best Wishes

Will Osborn

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Thank you for the update - the brassers are desperate to come back and blow as soon as it is safe to do so. Thanks, Sarah

Thanks for the update Will. Maybe some of the wind players could take up string instruments 😉

Thank you for the update

What about the woodwind meeting outside in the open air? Weather permitting!!

Thanks Will - hope everyone’s ok. Look forward to getting back to it when we can 🎷

I second the idea of playing woodwind/brass outside if that’s possible at all.

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